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Dub Striker

🇬🇧 During a release party at the Rex club in Paris organized by the Pont Neuf label in 2019, Trax magazine presented the Dub Strikers as “the young tenors of


🇬🇧 Château Bruyant Records invites you to discover PLAISIRS. Founded by the drummer Antoine Boistelle and the DJ Thomas Drouard , this french Electronic Music duo play and produce a



🇬🇧 AETHORITY is Chaoul and Mattias Mimoun, both inhabited by an eternal passion for music : Chaoul, initiator of various cultural projects (Estello, Paris Club Music …), participated in the

Yann Dulché

🇬🇧 Born in Rouen (Normandy, France) in 1986, Yann Dulché was an autodidact pianist and only started Music school at 16. Pianist composer David Dauthieux taught him everything he needed to enter



🇬🇧 A-Sim, born Simon Hamelin, is a fresh electronic music producer from France. His productions wind up somewhere between UK Bass, Electro and Techno with a focus on the rivalry


🇬🇧 Unklevon is a French producer based in Angers, signed on the Boys Noize label: BNR. He was discovered during the Dôme d’Astropolis festival in 2018. He has since released


🇬🇧 Let’s call him the Wonderfull Wizard of Awz. No one knows who he his. It is even said he doesn’t exist. Or at least that he doesn’t have any



🇬🇧 Hailing from Nantes, France, Endrift’s recent years have been spent living in Dublin, where she has been quickly honing her craft as a DJ. Already showing a musical maturity

Adam BFD

🇬🇧 Originally from Normandy now residing in Paris, Adam Boufeldja has made a unique impression since he first appeared on the scene. Formally known as just Adam, he broke onto

Rāmen Break

🇬🇧 New alias of an artist already well established in the French electronic landscape, Rāmen Break is a singular project that will not fail to amaze, even the most experienced


🇬🇧 Natlek is an Italian producer and DJ born in 1991, co-founder of Merge Layers Records with Nobel, with whom he also curated the monthly show on Radar Radio in


🇬🇧 Polish born VONDA7 landed in Berlin many BPMs ago. A purveyor of hypnotic grooves, she speaks in synthesised melodies and laughs in heavy basslines that wash over you like


🇬🇧 Chambray is the alias of André Rost who has gone on to deliver some massive dancefloor heaters full of punchy house tracks such as « Anew » and « Rub ». The Berlin

dj sandrinho

DJ Sandrinho

🇬🇧 King of Baile Funk, DJ Sandrinho (real name Sandro Dos Santos Lourenco), from the favela do Borel in Rio, started his musical career at age 12, following in the


🇬🇧 After having evolved for years in house music, it was following a trip to Armenia that Batenko discovered the underground clubs in the basements of his capital, Yerevan. He