Nouveau Monica

🇬🇧 Memories are usually conveyed by images captured at the discretion of time and discoveries. Sounds, however, are the driving force elements of a totally different memory that rekindles places

Roy Vision

🇬🇧 Roy Vision, your « favorite’s favorite DJ’’ has been steadily rising over the past two years. He, whom critic Louise Chen regards as « one the best French producer of the

Dub Striker

🇬🇧 Coming straight from Marseille, they are as good friends behind the decks as in life, and both manage the label Don’t Need A Million which highlights the emerging French


Chambray is the alias of André Rost who has gone on to deliver massive dancefloor heaters full of punchy house tracks such as “Feelin’ Good » and “Loving U ». Back in


🇬🇧 Unklevon is a producer based in France, signed on Boys Noizeʼs label: BNR. He was discovered during the ASTROPOLIS festival in 2018. He has since released tracks on Boys

DJ Sandrinho

🇬🇧 King of Baile Funk, DJ Sandrinho (real name Sandro Dos Santos Lourenco), from the favela do Borel in Rio, started his musical career at age 12, following in the


🇬🇧 After having evolved for years in house music, Batenko’s music is today a compendium of all his inspirations from the English, Berlin, Romanian and Detroit His compositions, cut for


🇬🇧 A-Sim, born Simon Hamelin, is a fresh electronic music producer from France. His productions wind up somewhere between UK Bass, Electro and Techno with a focus on the rivalry

Adam BFD

🇬🇧 Get to know Adam BFD, the french tastemaker DJ & Producer but also founder of Studio Goncourt, making a name for himself as an artist seamlessly tearing down boundaries