Unklevon sort son EP sur Boys Noize Records

Unklevon – Searching 4 Power EP 

France may not be the first place one thinks for classic rave revival, but add Unklevon to the likes of BNR alumn Raito and something is clearly happening in our neighbor to the West.  Unklevon’s “Searching 4 Power” EP offers three tracks of cavernous kicks, rave stabs, and hardcore MC’s that feel like one is being stretched through a wormhole in time. The kick always drives, and it’s seriously huge – there’s a lot of space in Unklevon’s work, expanding your headphones into a room, and a club into an airplane hangar.  Reverb and delay factors heavily, dancing around the stereo spread into vastness.  These are banging club tracks for certain, but one also gets hypnotically lost in them.“Searching 4 Power” kicks off with “Kill Once Again,” all Mortal Kombat, ghostly MC chops, and subtle breakbeats.  “Negativ Erase One,” the most immediately club friendly track, follows with with a phat stab and an unpredictable start-stop arrangement that builds maniacal tension and release, making it a perfect weapon for DJ sets.  Finally, the title track “Searching 4 Power” moves into T99 breakbeat territory – it’s as full on as you’d expect with the T99 stab, but it’s the slinky, syncopated bassline and stuttering white noise that’s surprisingly most infectious.  It’s a track you could get lost in, and that feeling pervades Unklevon’s release.  In“Searching 4 Power’s” expansive world, just follow the kick and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find your way back by dawn.

1: Kill Once Again
2: Searching 4 Power
3: Negative Erase One

Release date : 23.03.2019

Label : BNR TRAX

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